Taposh Bhattacharya


Mr. Taposh Bhattacharya


Our Principal Mr. Taposh Bhattacharya is accredited to being a teacher for the past 27 years to the primary section to senior secondary level. With an enriching experience as an educationist, he understands the problems, psychology and philosophy of students, teachers and gives priority to figuring out innovative ways to help the school excel and become a comfortable working place for teachers and ideal learning place for students.

Mr Bhattacharya is a reputed and well connected person and has close knit bonds with the think tanks comprising healthcare professionals, communicators, motivators, legal advisers and artists- and he actively welcomes their inputs and suggestions to help his students benefit better from their practical knowledge and expertise.

Since he majorly spends his time teaching or being around students- he loves to be in touch with them and every member of the school. He believes that with him being easily available and accessible to his students and teachers he can directly observe their progress, impart timely suggestions for their improvements and compliment their strengths – all of which are his greatest qualities.

He is diligently engrossed in modifying syllabus and teaching methodology with incorporation of various interactive workshops and activities for the students. He is accredited with initiating student visits to NASA, many renowned universities across Europe and Latin American Countries. Apart from academics, he whole-heartedly promotes the sports culture as well by sending students to participate in competitions not only in India but also in the USA, China and Japan.

Mr Bhattacharya has always encouraged an active participation of parents in the growth and learning process of the students. He has included concepts like ‘Special Assemblies’ wherein students perform plays, debates, discussions, music and arts in a way to display their learning and to enhance and inculcate a habit of sharing , empathy, listening, reading and writing. He always stresses on the importance of students inculcating moral and social values and has designed special compulsory ‘yagyashala’ classes for every class.

He has largely contributed in keeping the 17 year legacy of Swami Vivekanand Public School of producing district toppers and maintaining the school’s reputation of being one of the top schools in Haryana and giving responsible and honest citizens in the form of many alumni civil administrators, physicians, technocrats , army personnel & entrepreneurs.

He has authored different Maths books and is a recipient of the ‘Best Teachers’ Award by Rotary Club. He has organised different subject Olympiads, National and CBSE based competitions successfully. He played a vital encouraging role in helping the school bag an award from Local administration following a massive contribution to the Kerala flood relief fund.