Mr. Virender Singh

Academic Head

Mr. Virender Singh


For the past Year, SVPS has indulged in rigorous Training workshops for our teachers to help them understand and apply the nuances of digital teaching in their virtual classrooms. These Training Workshops were conducted under the able guidance of the very experienced Mr Virender Singh, who has joined us as our Academic Head. He is responsible for executing academic delivery in the school.

Mr Singh has worked at the field level identifying the needs and problem of children in education and normal schooling. He has worked on developing a group of SME’s (Subject Matters Experts), devising a minimum learning level module for children at observation home (ILEAP & Remedial Program), and introducing trainings on classroom management & practices Mr. Singh has also worked as a Master Trainer with big corporate houses like IBM, Reliance Telecom and Videocon.

On being asked about how he thinks these teacher training workshops will impact parents & students, he says, “The type of workshops we focus upon as learning & development programs are not generic modules as covered in most of the schools or institutions. Our learning & development program is very student centered. The whole idea behind is how the student will be impacted with this and what visible changes we will be able to witness in students and classrooms or teachers with this module. If the module is not student centered with actionable points then there is no use of going ahead with that program. Moreover, the learning & development program is designed as per the segments. For example, the learning & development program for Pre-Primary is completely centered on early childhood education. There is also an extensive parent enrichment program specifically designed for this particular age group.

Similarly, the learning & development program is different for grades 1 to 4, then a different one for grades 5 to 8 and a completely different set of programs for grades 9 to 12. With a program designed for a particular segment with the entire focus on how a child is impacted by this and what visible changes one can witness in child and teacher after this, the whole learning and development actually impacts students & parents.