This school is confluence of Indian culture and scientific approach. With this tradition in our objective the students perform yagya as per routine in the morning session before the daily routine starts in yajnashaala. The students chant mantras, shlokas and sing bhajans. Pandit Ji and respective class teachers tell stories to boost up the moral values.

Music & Dance:

The trained professionals in various fields of Music (Indian/Instrumental) & Dance forms (Classical/Folk/Contemporary) train & provide opportunities to the young Vivekian artists to learn & perform and create worlds of happiness. We encourage students to identify with these art forms and explore opportunities of expressions. Swami Vivekanand Public School takes initiative in acquainting students with our cultural ethos and tries to retain our heritage through music, dance and drama which is very enriching and rewarding for the students.

The Music Room is equipped with a set of keyboards; each keyboard having two pairs of headphones so that students can work together without disturbing others. Students learn to find their way around the keyboard, learn to read simple music and perform in front of their classmates. We provide various instruments for the students: Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Tabla, and Recorders. The expert Music teacher guides the students through their experience and knowledge. The School also provides every student with an opportunity to learn western, classical and folk dances under the expert guidance of dance teachers.

The school acquaints its students with theatre and drama. We organise lectures, demonstrations by eminent theatre personalities, study tours and conducts drama workshops focusing on different facets of theatre.
Educational Camps & Tours:

School excursions enhance students learning by providing the opportunities for students to participate in curriculum related activities outside the normal school routine. Our school excursions are well planned curriculum related activities that aim to maximize students learning experience. Our school organizes educational & adventurous trips from time to time.

Our school student visited NASA (USA) two times in year 2012 & 2014 where students learnt about civilian space program as well as aeronautics & aerospace research. Our school also organized educational trip to beautiful Switzerland & we also visited CERN Lab (European Organization for nuclear research) that operates the largest particle physics laboratory on the world.
SVPS Clubs

We believe leaders can be created only in an environment that is vibrant with positive energy. Such is the landscaping and infrastructure of Swami Vivekanand Public School that it lifts the spirit of the students. Equipped with every possible modern facility, Swami Vivekanand Public School are learning and enjoying it to the core.

We raise the leaders …..


The vision of each club will transpire into reality through a sixteen powerful clubs. Through these clubs, Vivekians will get the opportunities to discover and hone their abilities, move import, they will begin to believe in their abilities and dreams. Through activities, real life experiences, projects, events, the clubs will empower students with life skills essential to be a leader of modern world.
  • Sanskriti Club (Cultural)
  • Aryabhatt Club (Maths)
  • Heritage Club
  • Tagore Club (Debates)
  • The Theatre Academy
  • Nature Lovers Club
  • The Charlie Chaplin club (Fun & Humour)
  • Health Club
  • The Adventure Club
  • Ambedkar Club (Mini Parliament)
  • Maa Sharda Club (Social Welfare)
  • Abhivyakti Club (Painting & Drawings)
  • Innovation & Creativity Academy
  • Bougainvillea Club (Environment)
  • The Management Club
  • The Sports Club