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Author : Mrs Veenuka Wadhawan 

Designation : SVPS Headmistress 


Winter is here at last! The wrath of summers is over and the warmth of sunlight has filled the whole atmosphere as if nature is showing her heavenly power once again making us realize its benevolence. Along with the change in nature, the months of Oct and Nov brought along the festive season filling our hearts with euphoria, exhilaration and excitement. The ecstasy of Christmas and the sound of Jingle bells have also started echoing around. 

History bears testimony to the fact that India could be great all these ages not because of its material prosperity or military power but because of its adherence to religious truths, moral and ethical values. Being the sustainers of the country, therefore, all efforts are made at SVPS to ensure that culture and values are made an integral part of the school curriculum and students remain rooted when erosion of moral values is taking place at a rapid speed. Therefore, SVPS not only educates a child but also imparts knowledge as well as values as it is with these two weapons only we can help children stand out in the crowd and create a place for themselves - a place where education translates into curiosity, leads to enlightenment, disciplines the mind, body and soul, prepares them for the world of tomorrow, makes them ethically strong and turns them into fine human beings with qualities of head and heart.

This feeling of euphoria and happiness turned manifold when we saw a few students of our alma mater making a  niche for themselves in the field of education in the months gone by bearing testimony to the fact that SVPS is the best CBSE school in the twin city of Yamunanagar. My heart swells with pride to share a few milestones achieved by SVPS students.

First of all, we had excellent CBSE board results. For class X CBSE exam (2020-21), out of 212 students who appeared for the exam, along with producing District Topper, 170 students were placed in merit and 27 students got 95% and above and 83 students got 90 % and above.

For the class XII CBSE exam (2020-21), the school not only produced second District Topper but out of 216 students who took the exam, 31 students got 95% and above and 69 students got 90% and above. Not only this, these students have made us proud by making it big in life. The list of our mighty vivekians and their achievement swells our hearts with pride.

These 21 students are a few examples, we have many more names to add to the list as students still await their placements which we will definitely share with you when we receive them. We hope that the precedent set by seniors is going to be emulated by juniors as well and they will weave success stories into the tapestry of the SVPS

The focus and vision of the school have always been on the development of life skills, commutation skills, confidence and personality development. To achieve these objectives, SVPS is the only school in Yamunanagar to have introduced concepts like DEAR Time, Fusion Time, Town Hall Meetings. Word Walls, Ice breakers/energizers and where learning takes place through  6  Es.  In fact,  the school leaves no stone unturned to make children realize their dreams and make them future-ready so that they are ready to compete at the national and global levels.

At the same time, we request parents to develop a partnership with their child, child’s teacher and school, support the child academically,  show a positive attitude about education to the child, monitor his/her television, mobile and internet use and most importantly encourage the child to be responsible and work independently. It is with joint efforts we can make the school years of every child the wonder years of life and help them march onto the road of success where the sky is the limit.