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Empathetic Approach to enable Effective Communication Skills

By the time three year olds come into a preschool in monolingual cultures, they have typically already begun to communicate their needs and likes and dislikes orally in their home language, which is also the school language. In addition, in more literate families, children are from infancy (0-2 years) exposed to books and to reading through story telling by elders or by seeing others reading as role models.

The Vivekian’s Early Years has designed a curriculum that is built on all these early experiences and exposure and further children’s communication skills so that they can orally share their thoughts and feelings or describe their experiences more effectively, be able to receive and share information and develop higher order skills of critical and creative thinking. They gradually go on to also learn to read and write with comprehension in that language. This is what we call the Empathetic Approach to enable Effective Communication Skills

Enabling children to be able to orally communicate with ease and competence in the preschool/school language, become print aware, understand or make a meaningful connect with reading and writing in familiar contexts and develop interest in books and in learning to read is essential. It becomes the hallmarks of early initiation of children into developing their foundations in oral language skills and skills of reading and writing at the preschool stage.

In addition, to help children learn to decode text with ease a focus on developing phonological awareness and sound and visual association becomes important.