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Emphasis on building effective Communication and Social skills

As an experienced educational institution run by experienced educationist for over a decade, we at Swami Vivekanand Public School have understand that when choosing a school, the first thing the parents hope to find is a school that shoulders their responsibility of making their children effective and efficient communicators and confident individuals with balanced sense of being- mentally, physically and spiritually.

As we believe in ‘Starting from the Start’- The Vivekian’s Early Years has been established as an institution that has a dedicated goal of instilling and harnessing the skills of effective communication and social interactions in our students- right from the very beginning.

We believe that Conversation is the very heart of schooling and pedagogy. In early education, oral language development is particularly significant for interactions, social relationships, and friendships, and for building a sense of belonging. Our educators help children develop oral language skills both directly through linguistic interaction with them and indirectly by creating an environment, which is rich in learning stimuli. Communication permeates all the learning domains of the curriculum, facilitating an interactive and multi-sensory learning process.

Our Interactive teaching enhances learning experiences: Interaction (child-child, child-teacher, and child-material) is the most significant aspect of quality preschool education. The interaction between children, the range of environmental and cultural experiences along with meaningful dialogues helps children build a solid knowledge foundation and prepares them for formal schooling.