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We believe that Play-Way in Education should be fun and not forced! In order to make ‘Learning’ a Lifelong- Joyous experience and habit- one needs to START FROM THE START!

Swami Vivekanand Public School is the best preschool in Yamunanagar - Haryana and has established an exclusive wing for the preschoolers under the name of ‘The Vivekian’s Early Years’ with the motto to provide a dedicatedly strong and holistic growth foundation to a child as part of their Early Education.

We know the spirit of childhood is PLAY and thus our Play-Way approach to education insists on Child Centered Early Education. It advocates educating little Vivekians through activities in which they can put their heart and soul and work in an atmosphere of freedom and spontaneity.


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Our Approach

Children are born with an incredible capacity & desire to learn. It is important that children are provided rich experiences through play & activities that develop critical thinking & problem-solving understanding about themselves which are developmentally appropriate.

Our Pedagogical practices include activities and experiences for all domains of development such as-cognitive, socio-emotional, language and literacy, physical-motor and creative and aesthetic which are interlinked. Ample opportunities are provided to explore, understand, experiment, experience and transform information into meaningful content and skills.

Here are a few ways in which we implement them at ‘The Vivekian’s Early Years’

Games as Learning

The Vivekian’s Early Year play and the play way is regarded as an effective means of educating our children.

Our Pedagogy

We have curated a perfect amalgamation of the Inquiry-based learning and Experiential Learning at The Vivekian’s Early Years

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